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Sound People: Vivian Zhang, DUNU Topsound

Posted on December 01, 2014 by CTC AUDIO | 0 Comments

Vivian Zhang, Sales Manager at DUNU Topsound has been of much help to us at CTC Audio and has worked tirelessly to ensure that our needs have been met. Her attention to detail has been outstanding and has single handedly gained our trust with her company. Through her hard work, we at CTC Audio have decided that DUNU is a company that we want to do business with and have brought their brand to North America. With full confidence, we can say that DUNU will become a globally recognized brand through their innovation and constant attention to consumer needs. That said, here's a little bit about Vivian:

“Hi friends! My name is Vivian Zhang, and I’ve worked for DUNU for more than 12 years! Can you believe it? I have spent more time working for our great company than any of my past relationships…that means I must LOVE DUNU!

I love my job because my company gives me the freedom to present new ideas even when I think they are ridiculous…but my colleagues call them creative. My boss is great and gives me enough free time to have balance between my career and my personal life. Thanks to my boss who gives me the chance to travel all over the world taking care of my clients. Above all, I am always the first one to enjoy the best music from our fresh new products; sometimes I’m the only one, that’s so cool and makes me feel special!

Travel, food, movies, and music are the four elements that form me, and I wish I could spend another 12 years in this company to enrich every element of my life.”

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