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Software Upgrade Kicks the Hidizs AP100 DAP to the Next Level!

Posted on February 13, 2015 by CTC AUDIO | 2 Comments


The Hidizs AP100 Lossless DAP gets a New Soul! 

We often become obsessed over hardware specs and forget that good software plays a huge role in the overall user experience. UI is everything and without it, great hardware can get pushed aside…

Hidizs proves that a simple firmware update can transform a good product to a great one – increasing the already great value of the AP100!

What's new with the Firmware Version 069:

Software DSD Support
Gapless Playback Support
New Line-Out Volume Control Options
Customizable Playlists
Organize Songs by Genre and Artist
Custom Album Art Support

    Extra Optimizations:
    Longer Battery Life – Up to 9.6 hours of playback!
    Optimized Hardware EQ (User Defined EQ or Pre-set Options)
    Optimizations for system stability + smoother audio playback 


    This all sounds Awesome, but how do I upgrade?

    1. Fully charge your AP100
    2. Download Firmware Update (Click Here)
    3. Unzip file and look for “ap100.fw”
    4. Copy this file to the Root of your Micro SD card (Formatted to FAT32)
    5. Or simply plug your AP100 into your computer’s USB port and look for the Micro SD card folder. Follow above instructions.
    6. Turn Player Off. Hold both the RETURN and POWER buttons simultaneously and the FW upgrade will begin automatically.
    7. Wait for the player to configure your music library.
    8. Done – Success! 


    That took what...like 5 minutes? 

    And you now have a more capable player...for FREE...well sorta...(you have to buy the thing first)!

    What sets Hidizs apart from other DAP makers is their constant involvement with the community. They listened and have delivered on their promise of a stable, feature rich update that will surely please early adopters as well as convince potential new buyers that this baby is the Real Deal!

    The additional USB-DAC mode, DSD playback, and Gapless listening features have really kicked the Hidizs AP100 DAP to the next level making this product even more competitive in the world of low-cost, budget Digital Audio Players. 



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    2 Responses

    CTC Audio
    CTC Audio

    February 24, 2015

    Hey Matt, with the added features of the Firmware Update, the Hidizs AP100 acts as a clear solid competitor to the X5 in sound quality. The USB-DAC feature was what the X5 had on the AP100, so I’m glad that that has been added! Great sounding player at a great price :)


    February 15, 2015

    How does this player compare to the Fiio X5? Good to see the USB DAC functionality, should now be a standard for all good DAPs on the market.

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