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Say Hello to the COZOY Astrapi. Unleash High-Resolution Audio with your IPhone 6!

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From the guys who brought you the legendary Shozy Alien DAP: Introducing the Astrapi, a miniature DAC/Amplifier setup in one! Under new branding, COZOY refers to herself as the mother company of Shozy. 

Out East we're always guaranteed fantastic company names and great audio. What we know for sure is that Asia takes their audio seriously, and with products like these, we should see great things to come. 

The Astrapi was built to tackle the problem of the modern day iOS Audiophile: How to play high-resolution audio files with late generation IPhones. And on top of that, how do we get there without the added bulk? 

Well COZOY has done it, and they've done it with style.


So what's the big deal about the Astrapi? 


Low Power Consumption

Apple decided to slap a consumption limit on the amount of power accessories can draw from the device's Lightning Port. Why does this suck? Because most DACs won’t function properly. There are ways around this by use of complicated setups, but they are messy and grossly impractical for on-the-go adventures. 

Designed to overcome this annoyance, the Astrapi was designed to use so little power that you don't even need to charge the thing! Please note that batteries are not included. (cause you don't need em!) 

People are pushing to go green these days. If we can design high performance products that can save energy...why shouldn't we?!

Modern Design

Thin, light, and beautiful – You bought an IPhone because of its attention to detail and impeccable build quality. The Astrapi is no exception with its all aluminum build and modern design. The perfect companion for your IPhone 6/+.

Cheap components and COZOY just don't mix. 

Get With The Times!

High-resolution audio is the next big thing - don’t get left behind! With proper Apps, the IPhone 6 is capable of 24-bit, Hi-Res lossless playback…but not through its 3.5mm headphone out.

To enjoy High Resolution audio, you must make use of the lightning port’s digital stream. This is where the Astrapi comes in by converting the digital data stream to analog, and then further amplifying to reproduce life-like representations of your favourite songs.

Pair this up with some awesome multi-driver earphones or custom IEMs, and you've got yourself a low cost, portable audiophile rig!

Line-Out activated at Max Volume. Pair with your favourite amp!


Additional Info: 

- Hi-Resolution Playback – Up to 24-bit / 192kHz
- Low power consumption with strong driving power
- Clean Line-Out activated at Max Volume
- Built-in DSP
- Software DSD
- External USB DAC Functionality (OSX + PC)
- Compatible with various Android devices through OTG


So there it is, the COZOY Astrapi mini DAC/Amp. Get the most out of your luxury smartphone by pushing it to the limit! Finally we have a product that is simple to use and sounds great, without all the extra baggage....

Want to see (or hear) what high-resolution audio is all about? The Astrapi is the perfect product to get your feet wet without breaking the bank. 

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for an intro pre-order special ;)...


Happy Listening,

CTC Audio

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