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DUNU DN-2000 Triple-Driver Hybrid Earphones

  • DUNU Topsound made waves with its original hybrid driver design in the highly acclaimed DN-1000 IEM, and now DUNU is back with a new pioneering design for its DN-2000 Triple-Driver Hybrid Earphones.

    With or without a headphone amp, whether you’re pumping FLACs out of your DAP or streaming movies on your iPad, the low impedance 3-way dynamic and balanced Knowles drivers housed in this sleek aluminum body are guaranteed to immerse you in hi-fi sound. With 26db of outside noise isolation, and a huge array of tips and spacers to customize sound and fit, the DN-2000 delivers a full range of smooth, crystal-clear acoustics.

    Designed specifically with the demanding ears of artists and music professionals in mind, the DN-2000 promises balanced sound across the dynamic range, from explosive bass to smooth, soulful mids, to crisp, clean highs. You’ll hear all the intricacies and feel the realism of your soundtrack when you slip in these in-ear monitors.

  • Tech Specs:
    Type: In-Ear Monitor (IEM)
    Driver: Dynamic (10mm)*1, Dual Balanced Armature
    SPL: 102+/-2dB
    Impedance: 16Ω
    Frequency Response: 10Hz-30KHz
    Noise Attenuation: 26dB
    Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated
    Cable: 1.2m
    Weight: 22g
    Warranty: 1-year Manufacturer

  • Accessories:
    Extremely customizable, these earphones include one of the best accessory packages ever seen!
    1 - Premium aluminum case
    3 - Aluminum pairs of spacers
    3 - Pairs of large ear fins
    3 - Pairs of small ear fins
    1 - Pair of ear hooks
    4 - Pairs of 2K grey silicone tips
    3 - Pairs of black silicone bi-flange tips
    3 - Pairs of 1K clear silicone tips
    1 - Pair of foam tips
    1 - Aircraft adapter
    1 - 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter
    1 - Shirt clip

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Type: IEMs

Vendor: DUNU

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