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SpinFit Rotating Silicone Ear Tips - CP100

  • The Ultimate Silicone Ear Tip.

    360-Degree Rotation: Patented inner-flex tube system allow these ear tips to rotate to ensure the best fit - a first of its kind!

    Superior Comfort: Unlike traditional ear tips, these super soft silicone tip replacements conform to the natural bends of the ear canal. Relieving pressure points, and increasing comfort for all day listening. 

    Enhanced Noise Isolation: A perfect seal is essential for in-ear earphones, and without it, sound leakage can cause music to sound lifeless. SpinFit tips allow earphones to be inserted deeper into the ear canal - cutting out unwanted noise, while vastly improving sound quality.

    Frequency Extension: Push the limits of your favorite earphones by boosting their high and low frequencies. The most affordable upgrade without breaking the bank!

  • Tech Specs:

    Type: Patented 360-Degree Rotating Ear tips
    Material: Silicone 
    Model: CP100
    Package Contents: 2-Pairs per pack

  • Compatibility List:
    1AIAIAI, AKG, Audio Technica, Aurisonics, Beats by Dre, Beyerdynamic, B&O Play, Bowers & Wilkins, Brainwavz Cardas Audio, Chord & Major, Creative, Crossroads, Denon, Dita Audio, EarWerkz, Final, FitEar, Fostex,
    Grado, Hifiman, Hippo Audio, Jabra, Jerry Harvey Audio, JVC, KOSS, MEELECTRONICS, Monster, Noble Audio, Ocharaku, Ortofon, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Radius, RHA, Samsung, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Sony, Soul, Soundmagic, TDK, Ultimate Ears, V-moda, Yamaha, X1-H2O Audio

    And More!

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    Type: Ear Tips

    Vendor: SpinFit

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